As the “cold weather” continues here in Arizona, our family is perpetually battling the same crud everyone else is passing around. When one of us is finally healed, one of the kids falls ill. Once their coughs clear up, Jon or I catch the latest illness. It’s never ending! To be fair, someone did warn […]

Below is an Instagram post I made today. Sometimes I overcomplicate blogging. I imagine I need to share 50+ beautiful photos and write in a way that moves you, dear reader, to feel something special as you digest the accompanying text. But it occurred to me today how simple a post can be. The wife […]

Dear reader…it took me two and a half weeks to take Cori’s 5 month photos, edit them and post this blog. She turns 6 months in 8 days. Let’s just be glad I was able to capture these when I could say Cori was still 5 months old! Stay tuned for her 6 month photos…in […]

Many who know just how hot Phoenix summers can be understand how desperate people can be in order to catch a break from the heat. For the un-lucky few of us Phoenicians who don’t have a swimming pool–and who have toddlers tired of being cooped up inside–let us all shout a collective hallelujah for those […]

I know I’m a little (okay, extremely) biased but our little Cor Cor is absolutely adorable! Even at three months she is practicing those oh-so-cute smiles and precious baby coos. She turned 3 months on September 14th but, much like the rest of our life lately, I’ve been playing catch up as we roll with […]

I sat down at the small table on the veranda and looked at my watch. I was early for my meeting with Catherine and Cody, and I was glad I was early, because it was unseasonably warm for Sedona and I needed all the time in the world to research back up locations for their […]

The past 9 weeks have been a combination of joy, shell-shock and many sleepless nights followed by caffeine fueled mornings. After giving birth to our daughter Cori, I quickly remembered why these first couple months of having a newborn are so bizarre: with each waking moment spent caring for and loving on this new tiny […]

So I’m clearly playing catch up over here!! My sister, Amy, was in town when we celebrated Cori being one month old. Having a girl has opened up so many wonderful opportunities to play with cute, ginormous bows! Cor Cor wasn’t too thrilled with the bow but it made out for a really adorable photo. […]

Guess what everyone…SHE’S HERE!! Corianne Faye Dennison is here! June 14th will always be such a sweet day for our family. I won’t go into all of the details on her delivery but let’s just say everything went smooth…minus the stomach flu that sent me into labor. Oh! And the high blood pressure issues that […]

Those of you who know me know I am not a morning person. Which is why I’m sure the handful of you are shocked to see me typing this at 6:20 in the morning. Sleep escaped me last night. All I could think of as I watched the ceiling fan whirl in the late night […]